Gorilla Magic

What we do


Isn't your business or organization ready for a little magic? Whether you're a non-profit organization, service industry or retail business, use creative marketing, not a big budget to find and keep clients, ensure successful, memorable events and enhance fund raising or achieve profit goals.

​Gorilla Magic is all about putting imagination back into business. Some people shake their heads and ask Why? At Gorilla Magic, we scratch our heads and ask, Why not? Let us help give your business a booster shot of creativity, inspiration and motivation.

​Employee Training Non-profit organizations and small businesses usually have big ideas and small advertising budgets. Why not try out a little Gorilla Magic and let us teach you and your employees how to creatively market your agency, organization or business and take advantage of low cost and free opportunities that use your imagination, not your advertising budget.

​Whether its a fund raiser, brochure design, power point presentations that dont put the audience to sleep, or ad copy and photos that motivate and inspire, come take a peek into our Gorilla Magic bag of tricks and watch your business grow in scope and profitability.

​Brainstorming Like a breath of fresh air or a brand new box of crayons, we can help you and your staff come up with new ideas for marketing, customer service, advertising, procedure and successful business development. Click on ourMagic Bag of Tricks link above and find out what a little Gorilla Magic can do for you.